Bengal Club Kickboxing Classes are conducted by Vijay Alva. Vijay Alva is Founder of Vijay Alva's Fitness Academy (VAFA) which has successfully trained and is still training aspirants who wish to run the half and full marathon at the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon. Has been conducting these classes since more than 10 years and is currently training more than 100 students. Conducting kick boxing and self defence classes at VAFA since the past 12 years. Has also been conducting intense boot camp training workshops.

Vijay Alva
Key Accreditations:

Coached and trained under – 16 and under- 19 boys at the Elf Vengsarkar's Academy for Cricket

Has been a Coach and fitness trainer at the Cricket Club of India (CCI) for the India under-16 program from the year 2000 to 2005

Appointed as the bowling Coach and fitness trainer for the Mumbai under-19 team in the year 2001-02

Fitness trainer with the Mumbai Ranji Trophy team in the year 2002-2003

Trained the Cricket Club of India 'A' team as Coach and fitness trainer for 3 years successfully

Was associated with the World Cricket Academy as a fitness trainer for 4 years for the English County teams at the Cricket Club of India

Personally trained Mr. Sachin Tendulkar for 2 years during the cricket off-season

Conducted lectures and workshops for the B.F.Y. Sports Academy in resistance training and kickboxing

Black Belt in Go-Ju-Ryu Karate and a Bronze medallist in the Maharashta State Karate Championship

Vijay Alva's Fitness Academy