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Durga Pooja

The main focus of Bengal Club's Durga puja at Shivaji Park in its 81st year (2016) is on the elaborate religious rituals of the morning pujas and the grand evening aarti at which six dhakis (traditional drummers) from Kolkata will lead the music. The intoxicating drumbeats always provide the setting for the evening cultural programmes like the popular and fiercely contested DHUNUCHI dance and conch blowing competitions. Additionally, specially choreographed dances paying obeisance to the goddess by the club's members are a part of evening celebrations.

One of the reasons for this puja's popularity is the club's constant endeavour to showcase the tradition and culture of West Bengal through the decor of the pandal. Over the years, the pandal has depicted the ambience of a rich zamindar's bungalow, a famous terracotta temple of Bishnupur, the famous Kaalighat temple of Kolkata, etc. All idols will be adorned in traditional benarasi sarees and dhotis.

Medical assistance was close at hand in case of emergency.