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Bengal Club, Shivaji Park

Welcome to Bengal Club, Shivaji Park Established: 1922

Long before the British left India, wayfaring Bengalis had moved from Bengal to Mumbai and made it their home. They imbibed the Maharashtrian culture and grew to adore the local flavours. In the process, they also began to impart some of their own sensibilities. So did others from other parts of the country.

In this, strains of Bengali culture emerged strong. RabindraSangeet. Bengali food.And Durga Puja. The Bengali's love for the five days of Durga Puja, starting from Sashti (the sixth day of Navratri) to Dashami (Dasera) is unparalleled. And it was unthinkable that this love would not travel along with him, whichever part of the world he travelled to.

Bengal Club Office

This year Bengal Club celebrates its 80th year of Durga Puja.
Bengal Club, ShivajiPark, has become the homing ground for Bengalis across Mumbai. Durga Puja, celebrated on its grounds every year, attracts more than 150,000 people every day of the six-day puja.

The Bengal Club also celebrates Kali Puja every Amavasya, through the year, at the small temple built in its premise At other times, there are innumerable activities That take place under the aegis of the club.

Spearheading these events are the various sports activities.Cricket - men and women, football, carom are all coveted tournaments that Bengal Club and it sports department organizes.

Then are cultural activities: Celebrating RabindraJayanti(Rabindranath Tagore's birthday), Netaji Jayanti (Subhash Chandra Bose's birthday), organizing various cultural song, dance and theatre programmes.

Teaching: There are many non-Bengalis who enroll for Bangla language classes. There are also many Bengalis and non-Bengalis who enroll for Bangla music classes.