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Kalimata Mandir

Hindu goddess associated with empowerment, a fierce aspect of goddess Durga. She is called the goddess of Time, Change, Power, Creation, Preservation and Destruction. Yes this goddess is Ma Kali. Our creative Bengali genius who while having an Adda during evening tea and snacking decided to go ahead and conceptualised our Kali Mandir in Shivaji Park. They also thought it to be ideal to have the Kali Mandir along with the club so that positivity and blessings from the mandir flows in their views, thoughts and actions while running the club.

Adda, a Bengali word means a right place to have free flowing intellectual discussions with right minded companions. Generally, it is a practice Bengali friends love; gathering for an extended, relaxed and unlimited exchange of intellectually exciting views. Who else will realize this more than the Probashi (Bengalis staying outside Bengal) Bengalis. So, when most members of various Probashi Bengali Associations met, they conjointly decided to construct a Kalibari, to not only have their prayers answered, but also to have an opportunity for Adda post prayers.

This idea somehow appealed to the Managing Committee members of Bengal Club at that time and a small Temple was constructed below a Banyan Tree existing adjacent to the Club premises.

Kalimata Mandir

But making a temple was not enough, a permanent idol needed to be placed in the temple. So, an official visit to Kolkata was embarked upon by the then Bengal Club members with the sole purpose of arranging proficient Bengali artists to perform in a fund raiser event. The purpose of the said fund raiser event was to garner funds for creation and installation of a permanent idol of Ma Kali. Regrettably the said members were unsuccessful in their endeavor.

In a short while thereafter a benevolent soul Shri Biswajit Dutta provided the initial funds for setting up this temple with a permanent idol on the recommendation of our then President Late Shri. Shibnath Chakravarty. Finally the day came when our first Kali Puja was performed in our very own Kali temple with the installation of a permanent Kali murti, during Diwali.

Kali puja is done to diminish Ego and all negative tendencies that hinder spiritual progress. Performed on the night of Kartik Amawasya, which falls in October/November Kali Puja also coincides with Diwali.

Kali Puja

Subsequently, Bengal Club started with the initiative to have pujas on every Amavasya night, once in a month. The initial crowd of devotees started thickening and broadening year after year and word of mouth spread that prayers are always answered here.

We stand proud to say that not only Bengalis but also non Bengali devotees have an immense belief in our Kalimata Mandir, for the past few decades.

Truly the Kalimata Mandir has proved to be a blessing to the Club and all its devotees.

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Amawasya (Kalimata puja) Dates
  • 06-04-2016
  • 06-05-2016
  • 04-06-2016
  • 03-07-2016
  • 02-08-2016
  • 31-08-2016
  • 31-09-2016
  • 29-10-2016
  • 28-11-2016
  • 28-12-2016
  • 27-01-2017
  • 26-02-2017
  • 27-03-2017