Most Awaited Event Of Bengal Club Was Finally There On 16th May 2015 Annual Day Function

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Most Awaited Event Of Bengal Club Was Finally There On 16th May 2015 Annual Day Function
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25th of Baishak – one of the few days, we Bengalis ought to remember by the Bengali calendar. Yes, that is the day when we celebrate the birthday of bishwa kavi guru Rabindranath Tagore's birthday. The great poet, writer, dramatist, musician, composer and the first non-European to winthe Nobel prize in Literature in 1913 is a pride of Bengal and great son of India.

We, BENGAL CLUB SHIVAJI PARK paid tribute to our most respected and revered kaviguru and celebrated his birthday as our Annual Day Celebration which started 10th of May with our little angels participating in the drawing competition and later these adroit and agilechildren recited the poems and sang the songs of this great poet.

"RABINDRA NAZRUL SANDHYA" a grand celebration hosted at SWATANTRYA VEER SAVARKAR AUDITORIUM, Opp. Bengal Club, Shivaji Park on Saturday 16th May 2015.

The event celebration started in a traditional way with the lighting of the lamp by our honourable President - Shri. Gautam Chatterjee ( I.A.S. ),Vice President – Shri. Tapan Dasgupta,Gen. Secretary – Shri. Bibek Bagchi, Asst. Gen. Secretary – Smt. Kakoli Bose, Treasurer -Shri. Abhijeet Chatterjee, followed by Shri. Lucky Mukherjee and Shri. Shurjo Bhattacharya.

"I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy." - Kavi guru Rabindranath Tagore

The first step to start the event was taken by our Bengal Club Mahila Samiti members by singing Robindro Sangeet - "SHUDHU TOMAR BANI" under the guidance of Smt. Bishnupriya Ganguly.

Nazrul Sangeet or "music of nazrul" refers to the songs written and composed by "Kazi Zarul Islam" a Bengali poet and National poet of Bangladesh. The mass music and poems of Nazrul were widely used during the Indian Independence Movement. His music is highly motivational and revolutionary in nature. The beauty of Nazrul's mass music lies in its expression and those who understood its philosophy praised the courage and straightforwardness.

Therefore we further took the advantage and along with the great poet thought of giving tribute to another prominent poet of the bygone era. To do the honour was our euphonious singers –Shri. Subhojit Pathak and Smt. Kaberi Ghosh who presented the NAZRUL GEETI and the audience were left spellbound.

As a special gesture BENGALCLUBSHIVAJIPARK felicitated Shri. Shurjo Bhattacharya and the Honour was done by Smt. Sweta Chatterjee, as a mark of admiration towards his extra-ordinary contribution in the music fraternity.

Megh Malhar is a Hindustani classical raga which means cloud in Sanskrit language. Legends say that this raga has the power to bring out rains in the areas where it is sung.

I know we all precariously want the rains this year. But here we are not talking about the raga for the rains but the dance ballet which enthralled our audience all through "MEGHA MALHAR"conceptualised/scripted by Shri. Argha Dutta. Choreographed and Directed by Smt. Nupur Dutta and performed bySmt. Nupur Dutta together with her students and friends.

"Laughter is the best medicine", I think all of us will agree with this. Comedy is there to uplift our spirits, a tool used by anybody in everyday life to bring comfort to social groups. It is a language that we all can speak no matter what race or ethnicity we are.

The audience were in fits of laughter in our comedy play- "GOKUL BABUR GANDHI DARSHAN" with a very simple message that"Truth will always prevail."Presented By Chembur Club and Directed by Shri. Taposh Kar.

Master Of Ceremonies was talented reciter Shri. Tapas Maity.

The artists were felicitated by the young members of Bengal Club, dressed up in the Bengali traditional way.

The programme had an outstanding turn out of discerning and appreciative audience.