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Established: 1922

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Long before the British left India, wayfaring Bengalis had moved from Bengal to Mumbai and made it their home. They imbibed the Maharashtrian culture and grew to adore the local flavours. In the process, they also began to impart some of their own sensibilities. So did others from other parts of the country. Read More



  • About > Kali Mata Mandir

    Hindu goddess associated with empowerment, a fierce aspect of goddess Durga. She is called the goddess of Time, Change, Power, Creation, Preservation and Destruction. Yes this goddess is Ma Kali. Our creative Bengali genius who while having an Adda during evening tea and snacking decided to go ahead and conceptualised our Kali Mandir in Shivaji Park.

Friends, this is just the beginning. We promise you that while we would look forward to welcoming your constructive suggestions, our coherent team of Executive and Sub-committee members will leave no stone unturned to make all of us members feel proud of being a part of a vibrant Bengal Club.

- President